The Story of Cat Village


Cat Village began in 2004 and was founded by Irma and her late husband Hans, who together built the village as a forever home for

homeless, abused, neglected and abandoned cats. Both German by birth, they started with the rescue of 28 cats. 18 years later the village is now home to 1300 happy, loved and spoiled cats, living their best life.


Cat Village is a pro-life, non-profit cat rescue sanctuary situated on 2 hectares of natural vegetation converted into a safe, calm and stress-free haven where the cats are not caged but are free to roam and colonise.

The cats are not available for adoption or sale as many have come from horrific, traumatic and stressful situations and we do not

want to take the chance of them being in a similar situation ever again.


The “Angel” behind the scenes is Irma, a lady with a passion and total dedication for the well-being of all cats. We at the village

often refer to her as the “Cat Whisperer” as she understands each and every cat….their needs, their health and their fears.

With a gentle voice she is able to calm the scared ones and if you sneak up on her, she can often be seen holding them and singing

to them….in German !


Irma rises long before dawn every morning, 7 days a week and sometimes in the pouring rain to start the task of cleaning, cooking

and preparing food for the cats. Together with her staff she prepares 200 platters of cooked food every day. All the plates are colour coded so that the cats are given the correct food, especially the ones on special diets. Her work usually continues until after ten at night.

She has 5 staff members who help with cleaning, maintenance and feeding. All of them are cat lovers and loyal to Irma and the sanctuary.


On the property there are over 200 wooden wendy houses or huts, many equipped with verandas from where the cats can observe

daily activities, as well as inside shelves onto which carton boxes are placed with warm blankets and soft straw. The cats make their own friends and sort out their own bed mates and stay in a hut of their own choice.


Once deserted, neglected or lost, these happy cats have now found heaven on earth, where they can feel safe and loved.

All the cats are sterilised, well fed and have water available 24 hours a day, ensuring they are always well cared for.


Cat Village relies solely on the generous donations from individuals and companies to feed, sterilize and shelter the cats as well as

provide medical care.


The volunteers are also an important part of the village and assist in medication, cleaning the cats eyes and ears or

wiping runny noses, collecting food, maintenance and marketing for donations. Interacting with the cats and giving them love and attention is critical for their well being.


Unfortunately, there have also been many tears at Cat Village, where Irma and her team see the results of abused, scared and crying cats who don’t understand why they have been thrown away after being with their owners for so many years.

Cats being abandoned, left on the side of the road, unwanted gifts, people moving or developing allergies are just some of the many

excuses. Irma is then left with the task of bringing the cats back to health, calming, loving and caring for them and most