How to Help

There is no limit as to how long the cats are kept and therefore they consider the shelter as their forever home.

Please open your heart and help Cat Village by donating, sponsoring a cat or becoming a member.


Vision and mission

Our mission is to provide shelter, food and medical support to homeless, neglected and abused cats within the Gauteng area. In doing so, we enhance their lives in a caring environment which will ensure that they live out their natural lives in secure and happy surroundings. Cat Village is geared to providing veterinary nurses the opportunity to have hands-on practical experience with the residents. We also aim to raise awareness of the plight of unplanned litters by joining forces with organisations such as and Every animal deserves a loving home!


Since commencing operation, we have survived the establishment stage to the extent that some 1000 formally destitute and traumatised cats have found a home where they are sheltered, fed and have lost their fear of humans. Some cats originally described as lost causes have fully recovered and are now leading a normal life. Our casualty rate is less than 2%, which is phenomenal given the condition many of them are in when they arrive at Cat Village.