We receive no official funding and rely entirely on the generosity of individuals for funds.

Financial donations can be made via EFT or using SnapScan.

Account name: Cat Village S A
Bank: Nedbank
Branch: Northmead
Branch code: 194842
Account number: 194 806 9105



We are registered as a non-profit organisation:
Cat Village SA –  Non-profit number  – NPO 033-895

Any assistance from you to help lighten Irma’s load would be much appreciated. She has never faltered in her constant love and devotion to animals and has made Cat Village into a happy, loving and forever home for cats.

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Since commencing operation, we have survived the establishment stage to the extent that some 1000 formerly destitute and traumatised cats have found a home where they are sheltered, fed and have lost their fear of humans. Some cats originally described as lost cases have fully recovered and are now leading a normal life. Our casualty rate is less than 2%, which is phenomenal given the condition many of the cats are in when they arrive at Cat Village.