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Winter 2012

Winter has arrived at Cat Village and Irma and her staff are working hard to make sure the cats are warm and cozy.    

Bingo! I’ve been sponsored

Real men love cats

Gordon is one of the few male members of Cat Village.  He arrives at the sanctuary every Saturday morning with his bakkie loaded with  tools and puts his artistic skills to work, building beautiful new wooden huts for the cats.  To him this is his way of forgetting about the stress of the past week […]

Purdy… sweet Purdy (our fourth sponsored cat)

For the past few years we have been feeding a couple of feral cats at work.  We named one of these beautiful cats Purdy and spent many a weekend trying to win her confidence.  As with all feral cats, Purdy was very shy, but would come when called and silently communicate with her human friends.  […]

New lodge at Cat Village

Have a look at the beautiful new lodge which has just opened at Cat Village! As a result of our fundraising effort to sell tickets for a show at The Barnyard, we were able to purchase another Wendy House where our cats can relax in warmth and where they can be safe from the summer […]

Calendar boy – our latest sponsored cat

Meet Emerald, our third sponsored cat with his stunning emerald-green eyes. He is as big as a Maine Coon and “needs” to be the centre of attention all the time.  Typical male, he thrives on being loved and being made a fuss of.  He has been at Cat Village for about three years and considers […]

I found serendipity at Cat Village

I am a cat lover and own three Russian cats (a Russian Blue and two Russian Blacks).  These cats are my children and they mean everything to me.  I help with cat rescue as much as I can by posting pleas for help and am proud to say I have helped in finding homes for […]

Meet Red: Another sponsored cat!

We are delighted that yet another Cat Village cat has been sponsored. Red, the ginger cat, has been at Cat Village for about three years.  He was abandoned by his previous owners but hasn’t lost his trust in people and is such a friendly fellow.  He loves to be brushed and cuddled and is always […]

Meet Senna: Our first sponsored kitty!

We received the following heart-warming request and would like to share it with our supporters: Hi there, I would like to sponsor a cat, please let me know how I do  this. Thank you Daniella Hi Daniella, We have singled out a special cat for you to sponsor, mainly because he  arrived with his brother […]

Warning: High cuteness alert


This is Tsotsi. He is five weeks old. He was bought last Friday for R5 in Hillbrow, and dumped in the café across my flat to catch rats. Yes, rats about a hundred times his size. I ‘liberated’ him from that urine-soaked box the owners kept him in, told them some cockamamie story about him […]