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St Dunstans School visit

We recently had a visit from St Dunstans School in Benoni. They came in two groups, 32 kids in total, all of them around 10 years old. It was a great educational trip because most of the kids had no idea why there are so many cats at Cat Village so they were taught about […]

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S Whilst this may not be the type of breakfast you would expect at Tiffany’s, the cats absolutely adore it!  Irma gets up at 05h00 each morning and cook chicken pieces and chicken liver, rice and a few veggies. It is then supplemented with cat food pouches, if there are any available.  In […]

Irma and her beloved cats

I have loved them and suffered with them my whole life. All that is best in me I have given to them, And I mean to stand by them to the last. Axel Munthe

Beautiful cats available for sponsorship

You can support Cat Village by sponsoring any of the cats below (there are hundreds more to choose from).   The cost is R300,00 per month or R 3 000,00 per year.  For more information, contact us:                                   

Showing off our cats


More beautiful cats at Cat Village

Cat Village beauties!


Some like it hot some like it cool -enjoying the winter sun

Cat Village lodges

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Village cats – 4